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The Supposed Decline of Green Energy

Here’s a surprising new fact about energy in the United States: the percentage of our electricity coming from the greenest sources — that is, the non-hydroelectric renewables such as solar, wind, geothermal and biomass — has doubled in just four years to nearly 6 percent . (Thanks to climate uberblogger Joe Romm for uncovering this data from the Energy Information Agency). This significant win for clean energy has gone mostly unnoticed in the press.

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About this Theme

The first version of this theme back in January 2008 was inspired by the great magazine style themes of Brian Gardner and Darren Hoyt. I took those elements that I liked the most in every theme and combined them together in one single theme. The different page templates are inspired by Brian Gardners "Revolution" theme, other elements are taken from "Mimbo" by Darren Hoyt. The Tabbed section is created by using jQuery ui.tabs by Klaus Hartl ( Meanwihle the theme walked through a lot of development and got its own individual face and functions.

The Name of the theme was inspired by the famous American jazz sax-player, Branford Marsalis. Although I´m German, I decided to present this theme in english in order to make it available for a greater audience.

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Johan Staël von Holstein gör comeback som krönikör

Johan Staël von Holstein fick sparken från Metro för fyra år sedan. Sedan dess har han låtit bläcket torka, bosatt sig i Singapore och tagit upp kampen med Facebook igen med engagemang i Whispering Labs efter att ha misslyckats med MyCube

Matias Palm-Jensen blir Norden-chef för McCann

Matias Palm-Jensen är i Stockholm med McCanns Europa-chef Gustavo Martinez för att presentera sig som McCanns nya Norden-chef för medarbetarna på McCann Stockholm.Tidigare Guldäggs-ordföranden Matias Palm-Jensen lämnade numera nedlagda webbyrån Farfar i mars 2010.

”McCann ska bli det enda alternativet i Norden”

Tidigare i morse kunde berätta att Matias Palm-Jensen är i Stockholm med McCanns Europa-chef Gustavo Martinez för att presentera sig som McCanns nya Norden-chef för medarbetarna på McCann Stockholm.Men det nya jobbet innebär inte att han ger upp jobbet som digitalt innovationsansvarig, eller “Chief Surprise Officer”, för Europa-marknaden på McCann i London. Planen är att kombinera de två jobben.– Gustavo Martinez sa att om jag i dag jobbar 70 timmar i veckan så kan jag lägga till 20 timmar på det och koncentrera mig även på Norden, säger Matias Palm-Jensen med ett skratt.– Att vara chef handlar om att delegera och ge en riktning.


D Rose Returns To The Court—In This New Adidas Ad

Do you ever feel like the world revolves around you? Like it would literally stand still if you weren’t there


INFOGRAPHIC: Facebook Leads Users To The Box Office

People use Facebook as a referral service all the time — for restaurants, services, and vacation destinations. The social network has also been a great way to learn about movies , as research from Crowdtap shows that three out of four Facebook users learn about new flicks from their friends . continued… New Career Opportunities Daily: The best jobs in media


(Don’t) F… the customer

Some month ago I decided to get an additional broad band line to my private home. I did that for two reasons: My daughter is using her computer more and more intensely (skyping, chatting, watching tv and twitting at the same time) and I have moved my company office to my private address.